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1. Registration conditions

Students must be 18 years of age or over. The parents or legal guardians shall assume full legal responsibility for under aged students. Registration for under aged students must be made by parents or legal guardians

2. Registration procedures and confirmation of enrolment

Select your chosen type of course, package or services. Read carefully the various conditions and clauses. Upon agreeing please fill in the application form on our website, date it, sign it, print it and return it to us by email, fax or post with a deposit of €200. (see clause 7 : Payment). Upon receiving the enrolment form which implies your acceptation of RFI’s General Conditions we shall send you confirmation of your enrolment and an estimate for your entire language course and stay. We are available should you need further information with regards to choice of language courses, packages, excursions or any other services. All travel documents and information pack will be sent once we have received full payment for all services booked for you.

3. Course fees

Included in the course fees are:
- Face to face lessons with the tutor.
- All learning materials (book, hand-outs)
- A personalised end of course certificate detailing the number of lessons taken, the subjects studied, and the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) level taught.
All our teachers are highly qualified and have years of experience in teaching foreign students.

4. Administration Charge

The Riviera French Institute may, on request, reserve accommodation for the student, for the duration of their language course and organise activities in the local area. An administration charge will be invoiced on top of the courses.

5. Lessons

A standard lesson takes 45 minutes. To move from one CEFR level to the next a student would require on average 130 lessons.

6. Student Numbers

Lessons can be taught individually or in a group setting. Max class size 10 students.

7. Payment

Methods of payment:
- International money Transfer :
Société Général, Cannes (00480)
Account name: Riviera French Institute
IBAN: FR76 3000 3004 8000 0270 0478 181
Banque: 30003, Guichet: 00480 Account N°: 00027004781
Important: Please send payment remittance form by fax or email as proof of payment.
- By cheque, redeemable in France in €uros made out to: Riviera French Institute.
Whatever payment method you have chosen please ensure that the name of the student(s) appears clearly.
All payments must be made in €uros. All bank transfer fees are at your charge.
To confirm your registration on the language course, 30% deposit of the total price of the estimate must be sent within 15 days of receiving the final estimate.
The Balance must be settled one month prior to the beginning of the course. For last minute reservations (less than one month prior to the beginning of the course), the full amount detailed on the estimate must be settled at the time of registration.

8. Cancellation, modification and reimbursement conditions.

Any absences from a lesson, part of the course or the entire course without prior notification shall not give rise to any reimbursement (except In the case of force majeure; deposits are not refundable).
The cancellation of one or more lessons prior to the beginning of the course shall not give rise to any reimbursement (except In the case of force majeure, deposits are not refundable and solely in the event that it is not possible to defer these lessons). In the event of cancellation or modification between 1 month and two weeks prior to the beginning of the course, 50% of the total fees will be reimbursed to the student, who must settle the remaining 50%, if they have not already done so (in the event of last minute reservations). In the event of cancellation or modification between 15 days and 48 hours prior to the beginning of the course, 10% of the total fees will be reimbursed to the student, who must pay the remaining 90% if they have not already done so (in the event of last minute reservations). In the event of cancellation or modification less than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the course, no reimbursement shall be made and the student must pay for the entire amount given on the signed estimate.
RFI reserves the right to amend a course if the numbers of enrolled students is below 4. In such cases RFI will reimburse part of the fees or reduce the number of lessons depending on the number of participants and the type of course involved.

9. Insurance

The Riviera French Institute, its staff, its teachers or host families will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items nor for injury sustained during the language course. We highly recommend that each student takes out a personal insurance covering them against any potential risks they may encounter during their stay. We also recommend that EU nationals bring with them the EHIC Card (European Health Insurance Card) which will entitle them to free or discounted medical care.

10. Passport, Visa and identity cards

EU national do not need a visa to enter France. Nationals of other countries must check with the French authorities in their country (French Embassy or Consulate) whether or not a visa is required.
If a visa is required the student must follow the procedures that the French Embassy or Consulate has outlined and must settle any required fees in order to obtain the travel visa.
The Riviera French Institute declines any liability for failure to obtain travel visa or for their late delivery.

11. Intellectual Property

All the information presented on this website (content, images, and logos) is the exclusive property of the Riviera French Institute. Any infringement of this intellectual property will be pursued in the civil and criminal courts. It is forbidden to use or reproduce the Riviera French Institute, IFR and Form@zur names and logos along with the content of this promotional brochure without written permission from our management.

12. Quality Control for our services

At the end of the language course, students will be asked to complete and submit a Course Assessment Questionnaire to their course leader. This is intended to improve the quality of our services. This questionnaire relates to:
- The services provided by the French Riviera Institute reception staff (quality of reception, support, and information for the student at the time of registration and during their stay etc.)
- The quality of the teaching received (teaching quality and skills of the tutor, relevance and interest of the teaching, opinions regarding the pace of lessons etc.)
- The quality of host-families with regards to their welcoming, friendliness, the meals provided communication and cleanliness of their homes.
Any complaints which have not been brought to our attention during they stay will not be subject to any investigation.

13. Behaviour and discipline

All students are expected to be well behaved and to follow the most elementary rules of conduct during lessons, excursions and when with the host-family. RFI reserves the right to exclude from all or part of the course any student whose behaviour is considered unacceptable. The student will be responsible for any extra charge such a decision would entail (fare home, accommodation in hotel etc.) In such a case, No refund of course fees, accommodation or for services booked will be accepted.

14. Accommodation

Habits and customs as well as food preferences vary from country to country and even from one family to another. Host-family accommodation aims at giving a student an insight into the everyday life of a French Family and of course to practice the language in an informal setting. The guests are expected to respect the lifestyle of the host-family and to adopt a courteous and polite manner exempt of all verbal or physical abuse. Dietary preferences outside of specific dietary requirements will not be considered unless specified at the moment of enrolment.
Accommodation in collective rooms will only be shared by people of the same sex unless there is a family link. The age difference between guests occupying the same room will not be greater than 3 years of age. Room sharing is limited to 3.

15. Not included in the rates

Not included in the rates are :
- Transfers to and from airport or railway stations to host-family.
- RFI administration charge.
- Travel insurance.
- Pocket money.
- Public transport fares.
- Registration fees for TFI & DELF exams.

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